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    What Happens During a Dental Exam?

    During a dental examination, our dentist will thoroughly examine each tooth. They are looking for signs of decay that could damage your smile. They will examine the fronts, backs, and the sides of your teeth to make sure they are disease-free. They may use a tiny mirror to help look at your back teeth, or our dentists may use an intraoral camera for better visualization.

    Along with examining the teeth, they will examine your gums to look for signs of gum disease. If you notice red, puffy gums that bleed when brushing or gums pulling away from the teeth, those are signs of periodontal disease. Our dentist at Rosas Family Dentistry takes gum disease seriously because it can eventually cause tooth and bone loss.

    If they spot any signs of it, they can start treating it right away to try to stop its advance. During exams and cleanings, our dentist in Clear Lake, TX will examine your mouth for lesions, hard lumps, or sores that could indicate oral cancer.

    Teeth Cleanings

    After the examination, our dentist will treat any problems she finds, such as filling cavities and cleaning your teeth. Usually, she will do a routine cleaning, unless it’s been a long time since you’ve had your teeth cleaned. Then, she will perform a deep cleaning to ensure the bacteria that can cause gum disease are gone.

    This type of cleaning also helps to get rid of plaque and tartar buildup, which can lead to dental decay. If you haven’t gone to the dentist for routine exams and cleanings for a while, contact Rosas Family Dentistry in Clear Lake, TX for an appointment. Dr. Nan Rosas can get you on a regular schedule that will keep your smile looking great.

    I've been coming to this office for about a year now and I love it, Dr Rosas and all of her staff are just wonderful people, is the kind of place where you dont feel like just another patient.
    I had x rays and partial cleaning. I would say a very thorough experience and my teeth feel great. Everyone very nice and polite.
    My son and I had a great visit to this dentist! All of the staff are wonderful, they made the appointment very easy. Good people!
    Dr. Rosas is the best! She’s very kind and caring. She always has your best interest at heart.
    Very nice, extremely knowledgeable and up with the times.
    Dr. Rosas is one of the most personable practitioners I know and a wealth a knowledge when it comes to the dentistry. Highly recommend anyone to visit for any dental needs!
    Everyone was super nice in the office! I had a great consultation and the hygienist was awesome! Everyone was very welcoming!
    Dr. Rosas and staff provide exceptional service and truly care for their patients. I have recently moved to the area and had seen my prior dentist for 20 years. My family highly recommended Dr. Rosa and based on my first time visit I will be recommending others to her too. Dr. Rosa uses state of the art equipment and besides being an incredible professional, she is very personable. It’s not often you find a exemplary professional that has a fabulous personality!
    Good experience! High technical level, good service! It's worth driving from Pearland!
    A truly caring Dr. Who’s really willing to work with you for the better interest of your health no matter your financial situation. Friendly staff and clean office.
    Great Doctor! Great group of employees! Very competent nice people!
    Dr. Rosas is so caring and compassionate. I was nervous about getting a crown (first one ever). She patiently addressed all my concerns, and the crown turned out perfect. They have high-tech equipment for x-rays and photographs. The office is very comfortable, and everyone there is super nice and helpful. Definitely recommend.
    Dr. Rosas and her staff are very professional as well as understanding and caring. After not seeing a dentist for awhile due to Dr. Lake's retirement and then the pandemic, some of my teeth ended up with a few issues. Dr. Rosas was able to explain what all of my issues were, why the issues had happened and what needed to be done to fix them within a reasonable timeframe. Thank you so much!
    I highly recommend Dr Rosas. She is super nice and informative. The whole staff is amazing!!
    Everyone at Dr. Rosa's is so nice and understanding. Glad I'm one of their patients.
    I was a Dr Lake patient & my first visit at the new office of Nan Rosas, I was not to sure about it. 2nd visit was much bette. Seems like a lot of experienced people, very thorough & very friendly.
    Very nice Dentist with a very caring staff. They truly care about there clients. But billing always seems to be an issue. Check your EOBs and coverage for accuracy.