Undergoing Invisalign Treatment for Your Dental Imperfections

Undergoing Invisalign Treatment for Your Dental Imperfections

Oct 01, 2020

Your teeth make an integral part of your smile, and adverse effects on teeth hinder a confident smile. Crowded, gapped, or uneven teeth can be demeaning to your overall dental outlook. Missing a tooth or having misaligned teeth may cause irritation, poor oral hygiene, and limitations to your dietary lifestyle. Invisalign is an advanced alternative to handle your dental imperfections. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign in Houston, TX, leaves you with an appealing dental outlook that is more efficient and quicker. Your orthodontist plans for an ideal treatment option, through sets of clear aligners.

It would help if you rectified misaligned teeth since they increase the risk of having oral health issues. They affect your smile appearance and lower your confidence. Invisalign treats teeth misalignment more conveniently compared to the bulky traditional braces. They are advanced orthodontic appliances that are effective and friendly to your oral tissues. If you have improperly aligned teeth, make an appointment with specialists who perform Invisalign near you, and transform your smile.

What’s Invisalign?

Invisalign is an advanced orthodontic treatment that’s vital in straightening your teeth. It utilizes clear, removable plastic appliances that are molded into sets. The aligners are placed over your teeth and replaced with a new set every two weeks. Clear aligners gradually move your teeth to desired positions, leaving you with a brilliant smile and perfectly aligned dental appearance. During your initial visit to Invisalign in Houston, TX, your specialist, an oral examination is done to determine whether you can undergo the treatment. Digital imaging is performed to have a virtual preview on your dental status, and the adjustments needed through Invisalign. Your orthodontist comes up with custom-made impressions and molds aligners that tightly fit the dental.

The aligners are invisible, and your physician may recommend you to wear them for 22 hours daily. You can sleep with aligners, and the treatment is fast if you wear aligners continuously. Having Invisalign appliances doesn’t limit you from your dietary lifestyle, unlike traditional braces that use wires, and sticky foods are exempted from your diet. It would be best if you quit smoking and taking coffee, which may discolor your aligners. After undergoing treatment for Invisalign in 77058, you are recommended to ensure proper oral health care, to ensure long-lived and optimal results. Making routine visits to your dentist enables a dental exam to be done in reviewing your progress and necessary modifications made. The treatment provides you with properly aligned teeth if all guidelines are duly followed.

Are You an Ideal Candidate for Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign is suitable for you and your kid. Unlike traditional braces, aligners straighten your teeth without anyone noticing that you are under treatment. The orthodontic appliances are removable and comfortable. Your specialist may exempt you from undergoing Invisalign treatment if:

  • You have receding gums.
  • Have a weakened jawbone.
  • Gaps between your teeth are large.
  • Are having severe underbites.
  • Your teeth are uneven.

Your dental specialist might use Invisalign with braces to render desired outcomes. It’s vital to consult your orthodontist to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for Invisalign treatment for your dental status.

Taking Care of Your Invisalign Aligners

Aligners are made from transparent material, and they can be easily stained or discolored. It’s important to clean them and ensure they are in good shape. There are vital measures you should observe to ensure Invisalign aligners serve you for long, including:

  • Removal of aligners for regular cleaning
  • Using a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean them and remove trapped food debris between your teeth
  • Soaking them in recommended solutions and rinsing them to prevent the build-up of plaque
  • Wash them with antibacterial solutions

Poor preservation of your aligners might lead to deposition of food particles, which may cause severe cavities and oral issues that might require extensive procedures in the long-run. Before undergoing Invisalign treatment in 77058, your dentist provides you with detailed information concerning the procedure and the appropriate oral health care measures.

Having a perfect smile is an integral part of boosting your confidence and self-esteem, and if you have misaligned teeth, Invisalign treatment can be ideal for you. Orthodontic advancements are vital in correcting your dental imperfections and are more beneficial compared to conventional braces. At Rosas Family Dentistry, we use Invisalign to correct your misaligned and crooked teeth. Please visit our dental facility and find optimal treatment through Invisalign near you to have a brilliant smile.

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