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Teeth whitening is one of the most common things we do here at Rosas Family Dentistry in Houston, TX. People are becoming more interested in looking better and feeling good about their smiles. There’s nothing vain or naïve about whitening your teeth, so you feel more confident and don’t want to hide your beautiful smile.

As we grow, our teeth start to suffer from stains. Those who smoke and drink a lot of coffee and tea are more likely to have stained teeth. People who don’t rinse their mouths and regularly brush them will also have a heavier burden of stains. With teeth whitening, we can bring your old smile back.

Teeth Whitening

The goal of teeth whitening is to break down and get rid of stains while keeping the patient’s teeth healthy. At Rosas Family Dentistry, we use substances like hydrogen peroxide, a type of bleach, to get rid of stains. Dentists all over the world rely on bleach for this purpose. The goal is to use it in the right amounts. Too much bleach could damage the enamel.

We can whiten your teeth during a single 2-hour session if you’re in a hurry. If you’re not, we can take our time and do it over several brief visits. Spreading out the process is associated with a lower risk of side effects like increased sensitivity. This side effect disappears within a couple of days. We can prescribe sensitivity toothpaste to help control it.

Whitening at Home

It’s no secret that there are products you can buy and use to whiten your teeth at home. We’re not advocates for doing so. Adjusting the proper dose can be hard. Using too much bleach will damage your teeth while using too little of it won’t lead to any benefits.

We can start the whitening process in the office and show you how to best use these products at home. By using them at home, you can get greater whitening results. For those who don’t respond well to whitening, we can set you up with veneers for a great smile.

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