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Similar to medicine, dentistry has several fields of study. Most people go to a general dentist and may never need specialists to work on their teeth if they do a good job caring for them. General dentistry is an important field for ensuring that people maintain a healthy set of teeth.

What General Dentists Do

When you schedule an appointment for your dental needs, such as an exam and cleaning, you are most likely going to a general dentist. General dentistry, like Rosas Family Dentistry, is responsible for taking care of your general dental needs, such as:

  • Examining teeth
  • Performing teeth cleanings
  • Taking x-rays of teeth, gums, and jaws
  • Diagnosing problems with teeth
  • Educating patients about oral hygiene
  • Performing general procedures

Are Family Dentists General Dentists?

If you go to a family dentist, then they have the same responsibilities as a general dentist, with the only difference being the age of their patients. Family dentists take patients of any age, while some general dentists only take adult patients.

Our family dentist in Houston, TX, is not only well-educated but also has experience working with adults. We go to great lengths so that our patients are happy with any work they have on their teeth.

Advanced Procedures

General dentists can also perform some of the advanced procedures of specialty dentists. For instance, general dentists can perform extractions, teeth whitening, and place crowns on teeth and bond them. Their tasks may include some that oral surgeons and cosmetic dentists normally do.

A general dentist is like going to a primary physician. The dentist is in charge of the primary care of your teeth, and when necessary, you will receive a referral to specialists for procedures that they can’t do.

If you need to find general dentistry in Houston, TX, call Rosas Family Dentistry to schedule a consultation with our highly-skilled dentist, Dr. Rosas. Our staff is full of caring individuals who will take great care of your teeth so that you have a healthy smile.

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