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Here at Rosas Family Dentistry, we work hard to make sure our patients enjoy the beauty and benefits of their natural teeth. From regular teeth cleanings to fluoride treatments and root canal treatments, our goal is to help you prevent tooth loss. In some circumstances, however, tooth extraction is inevitable.

Tooth extraction is the surgical or non-surgical removal of a tooth from its socket. Extraction ranks as one of the most common dental procedures. While many people associate dental extractions with pain, the truth is that these procedures are relatively painless. Our dentist in Houston, TX uses anesthesia and sedation to ensure your safety and relaxation during treatment.

When Is Extraction Necessary?

It may be necessary to remove your teeth if any of the following apply to you:

  • Your teeth are overcrowded, and you require orthodontic treatment.
  • You have a severely decayed tooth that cannot benefit from root canal treatment.
  • Your teeth are significantly loosened as a result of periodontal disease.
  • Your impacted wisdom teeth are causing you pain.

During your appointment, our dentist near you will assess you carefully to determine whether extraction is the best treatment option for you. Since extraction involves permanent tooth loss, we don’t recommend it except when it’s the only and best option available.

Types of Tooth Extraction and What to Expect

There are two types of extraction—simple/non-surgical extraction and surgical extraction. During a simple extraction, our dentist grabs onto the affected tooth using dental tools and then proceeds to pull the tooth from the socket. This straightforward procedure is painless and typically over within minutes.

Surgical extractions are more complicated. As the name suggests, surgical extractions involve surgery. During a surgical extraction, our dentist may cut through the gum tissue to access the tooth. This is typically common in cases of impacted teeth or where a tooth has decayed right down to the gum line.

For both extractions, we use anesthesia and include the option of sedation for patients who struggle with dental anxiety.

Our dentist will tell you how to care for the extraction site to facilitate healing. You must remember to observe proper after-care instructions after an extraction.

Do you need a tooth extraction in Houston, TX? Contact Rosas Family Dentistry today to schedule an appointment with our dentist.

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