Emergency Dentistry at Rosas Family Dentistry , Houston,TX

Are you experiencing an excruciating toothache? Has your tooth been knocked out due to an accident or trauma?

Rosas Family Dentistry offers emergency dentistry services in addition to a comprehensive range of dental treatments. Dental emergencies can strike any time, and it’s crucial to know when you need to call an emergency dentist near you.

When Do You Need Emergency Dental Care?

Unless your tooth has been knocked out, other dental emergencies involving toothache, abscesses, periodontal disease, or impacted teeth can be avoided with regular exams. When small dental problems are left untreated, they often turn into emergency problems at a later stage.

Toothaches, for example, can be mild, moderate, severe, or unbearable depending on the reason. Our dentist in Houston, TX suggests getting a proper diagnosis from a qualified dentist to prevent dental emergencies from occurring. Warning bells could include bleeding gums, extreme pain, tenderness, swollen jaw or cheek, and heightened sensitivity.

The following signs could be a red flag for emergency dentistry near you:

You Have a Loose Tooth

Adults should never experience wiggly or loose teeth. Permanent teeth are meant to be sturdy and durable to last you a lifetime. If your tooth is loose due to an unfortunate sporting accident or fall, you should consider seeking emergency dental care at Rosas Family Dentistry.

If an accident is not the reason, the tooth could be loose due to jaw or nerve damage or periodontal disease. Localized tooth infection could be another reason for the loose tooth. In such cases, it’s essential to see a dentist before the pain gets any worse.

Severe Toothache That Needs Urgent Treatment

If you have a minor toothache, you can try rinsing your mouth with warm water or taking a mild over-the-counter painkiller until you can see your dentist. But if the pain is severe, the causes could include damaged tooth structure, abscesses, decay, and tooth fracture, exposed dental nerves, or gum disease.

Apply a cold compress to the swelling or over the tender area and avoid touching the area. Rosas Family Dentistry in Houston, TX offers specialized hours for patients who need emergency dental treatments.

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