How to Reinvent Your Smile with Makeovers

How to Reinvent Your Smile with Makeovers

Jul 13, 2020

A smile makeover is a procedure used to improve your smile appearance using a cosmetic dentistry method, including:

  • Use of dental veneers
  • Whitening of your teeth
  • Dental implants
  • Composite bonding

Your cosmetic dentist can layout various treatment designs to help you achieve the best Makeover. This treatment process involves restorative procedures, dental crowns, teeth whitening, composite bonding, veneers, braces, and gummy smile reduction.

The Scope of Your Smile Makeover

Some of the assessments done by your dentist on your smile and teeth include:

  • Aged teeth are subjected to wear and tear, and they appear to be shorter. Gummy smile makeovers can be used. Crown lengthening is also applicable to improve the facial outlook.
  • Your dentist will examine whether your teeth are proportional to each set to enable a balanced smile lining.
  • The Texture of your teeth compels the dentists to model the crowns in their natural state
  • Smile makeovers take into consideration the gum tissue, facial appearance, and hair color. The cosmetic dentist gives you the option to review the best-customized Makeover.
  • Your teeth alignment is considered. If your teeth are crooked, adjustment is needed through orthodontics or Invisalign.
  • Stained teeth can be whitened to improve color. Shading can be done to your teeth an appealing shade by the use of veneers, bonding, or use of crowns.
  • Missing teeth may affect your smile and raise the risk of having tooth decay. Bridges or dental implants are used to do a replacement.

Cosmetic bonding mends chipped teeth. Aging facial can be enhanced through oral maxillofacial surgery. Gummy makeovers re-contour your smile.

Smile Makeover Maintenance and Precautions

You should avoid chewing hard objects to avoid bruises in the new veneers or crowns. You need night guards to prevent grinding on your teeth, which may tear out the restorations.

Cosmetic dentistry requires to be replaced after ten years, but proper dental care attributes to a long-term service. You are recommended to use non-abrasive toothpaste with fluoride to keep the restorations off from becoming dull.

Rosas Family Dentistry has artistic work that modifies your smile with veneers. We have the best lab setup with advanced dentistry revolutions. We help you change your oral care habits for the new restorations to keep an attractive smile. We remove plaque and debris from your teeth by flossing.

Rosas Family Dentistry in Houston, TX, focuses on cosmetic dentistry. Dentists take you through preferable techniques before you make a random choice. Veneer smile makeovers are customized in resemblance to your natural teeth. They are made of durable ceramic, and they fix cracked enamel, fillings, and crooked teeth.

Importance of a Smile Makeover

Through smile makeover, your smile is transformed. You are also able to identify other dental risks in the evaluation. You are able the fix the missing parts and correct the crooked and overcrowding teeth. You find a solution in discolored crowns or fillings and restore the damaged teeth.

The best smile makeover dentist in Houston, TX, ensures that your smile confidence is restored, and it becomes more attractive even in a professional setting. Rosas Family Dentistry has specialized in Dentistry and Prosthodontics. With expertise in cosmetic dentistry, the specialist has handled various cases of smile makeovers in Houston, TX.

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